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Gayle Goodrich’s interest in photography began in 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she was living with her first husband. While he worked 12-hour days at his import/export business, Goodrich, who has a B.A. from USC in French and Russian, found herself writing friends and family 15-page letters accompanied by photos of the country. ‘People would write me back, and say ‘Your photos are so beautiful,” she recalls. After moving back to California, Goodrich became the family documentarian, continuing her photography as an avocation photographing weddings, babies and family events.


Gayle has over 30 years experience as a freelance photographer for corporations, print media and the film and television industry and her boudoir portraits of women have been featured nationally: twice in SELF magazine, and on live television NBC's "The Other Half".
Her fine art works have recently been exhibited in various galleries in the Los Angeles area. Her photo book "Barely Here",was published n October 2018 and celebrates the landscape of women's bodies through a collection of black-and-white film images, either in abstract or in unusual natural settings.


Gayle's photography book, "Tango Amor", is a classic, 21st century fine art book that tells the story of Argentine tango in all its forms.


Gayle Goodrich passed away May 12, 2020.


We would like to express our appreciation to photographer Gayle Goodrich for her photograph of Tango dancers that appears on the label of our first Tangovino bottling. 


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