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Laura V. Mingo

Born In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura is the granddaughter of renowned impressionist painter, Dante E. Bonati, from whom she learned the basics of art. She has been sculpting, drawing and taking photographs since childhood. Laura has taken photographs at Milonga El Floridita, the Dance For Life Concert, the Rhythm and Roots Dance Show, the Macy Gray Concert, the Sade Concert, and was an official photographer at the Buenos Aires 2013 World Tango Festival.

Her work has been featured in:
- "Shut up and Dance!" novel by Jamie Rose, Penguin Books
- "La Historia de Sueño Porteño" by Julia Doynel, Impren Publishers
- K. Wasilewska. 'Mathematics in the World of Dance', Proceedings of BRIDGES 2012
Conference, p. 453 - 456
- Keshet Haim Dance Ensemble
- Conscious Dancer Magazine
- CBS news, in the segment "Tango and Passion." November, 2013


Laura is also a Linguist, a Simultaneous Interpreter and a Literary and Legal Translator.
Laura is also an Old Hollywood Historian and doll restorer. In her free time, Laura enjoys
reading, spending time with as many dogs as possible and ghost hunting.


We would like to express our appreciation to photographer Laura V. Mingo for her photograph of Tango dancers that appears on the label of our Tangovino 2021 Malbec Pacheco Pass.

DSC_0545 (3).jpg

I chose a photograph depicting my good friends Rosalia Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos. For me, they perfectly depict true love through the magic of tango. We tragically lost Rosalia in 2021 but her spirit lives on in every tango song and in every heartfelt embrace.

- Laura V. Mingo

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